10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (2023)

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Ukraine is not just a major sightseeing destination, it is also a land of some of the most colorful and amazing festivals. Thus, when you are planning a visit to Ukraine, you must know about the major festivals in Ukraine so that you can accommodate it in your itinerary. The charm and beauty of Ukrainian festivals can easily compete with major festivals around the world.

Get ready, hold your excitement till your flight lands at Kiev as you get to be a part of celebrations. So, let’s know more about the major festivals in Ukraine.

10 Festivals In Ukraine

Without talking much about the beauty and charm of this European nation, let us dive into a major cultural aspect i.e. the best and major festivals in Ukraine.

1. Leopolis Jazz Fest
2. Centaurs Horse Stunt Festival
3. Food And Wine Festival Kyiv
4. Ostrov Festival
5. Gogol Festival
6. White Nights Festival
7. The April Palm Week
8. Ivan Kupala
9. Odessa International Film Festival
10. Lviv Coffee Festival

1. Leopolis Jazz Fest

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (1)

The Leopolis Jazz fest is considered as one of the finest jazz events happening in all of Europe. The festival greets jazz artists from all over the world. More than 40,000 spectators come to participate and have a look at this festival. Different scheduled concerts are held, and you can also participate in various jam sessions and workshops. Thus, it is a festival to interact with different artists around the world. If you are a music enthusiast, you must attend the Leopolis Jazz Fest.

Where: Lviv
When: June 24 to June 28, 2022

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2. Centaurs Horse Stunt Festival

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (2)

The image is for representation purposes only.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must attend the Centaurs festival in Ukraine. It is a festival in which different horse riders participate. The festivity consists of two parts, the first part is related to the competition among the stunt riders, and the second part relates to the demonstration of the riders in front of your eyes. The performance by skilled horse riders will leave you speechless and awestruck.

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Where: Kopachi Village
When: April

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3. Food And Wine Festival Kyiv

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (3)

For all those food lovers out there, the food and wine festival of Kyiv is a must-visit. The festival is one of the most traditional festivals in Ukraine. Every year the festival relates to different food themes. Taste the best wines in the world and be a part of different activities including oyster battle, exhibition, and wine tasting. Thus, for ultimate fun and enjoyment, you must attend the festival if you are in Ukraine in the month of April.

Where: Kyiv
When: April

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4. Ostrov Festival

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (4)

Ostrov is an electronic music festival in Ukraine where multiple entertainment zones are installed as per the tradition. The festival is an open-air non-stop striking party that lasts for 72 hours. The festival is held at the bank of the river Dnieper on Island of Trukhaniv. As per the culture of this festival, the visitors marvel at the spectacular panorama by drinking tasty drinks and dancing on the sand.

Where: Kiev
When: June to July

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5. Gogol Festival

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (5)

The basic characteristic of the Gogol festival is that it unites diverse types of Ukrainian art. Attend this festival to witness the amazing art forms, plays, screening of movies, and other performances. Thus, if you are an art lover, you must attend the Gogol Festival in Ukraine, once in your lifetime. The beauty of the festival is that it consists of an educational program under which people can also learn about the basics of different art forms.

Where: Kiev
When: September

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6. White Nights Festival

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (6)

If you love music, food, and unlimited dance, you must attend the white night festival in Ukraine. The festival combines dance floors with different music genres. Visitors come for different art installations, mesmerizing music, and unlimited dance. The white night is a complete night time festival that starts late in the evening. The festival begins in the month of June and ends up at the end of autumn.

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine
When: June

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7. The April Palm Week

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (7)

Image Source

The April Palm Week is a festival that relates to the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. As per the tradition of this festival, many Ukrainian people beat each other with willow branches to cure diseases and expel evil spirits. The festival ends on Palm Sunday, and it is one of the major festivals that is organized in the month of April. The festival is held all around Ukraine.

Where: Entire Ukraine
When: April

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8. Ivan Kupala

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (8)

Image Source

The Ivan Kupala festival is organized to celebrate the summer solstice. As per the ancient beliefs, someone who finds Fern flower at this time will get a lot of prosperity, luck and power. In fact, there is also a tradition of testing a person’s bravery and faith, in which couples in love test their relationship by jumping over a flame. The true origins of this festival are influenced by the Slavic religious beliefs.

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Where: Entire Ukraine
When: July

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9. Odessa International Film Festival

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (9)

The first version of the festival was celebrated in the year 2010, and since then, it has been celebrated as one of the major film festivals in Eastern Europe. The program of this festival consists of film screening, summer film school, as well as discussions and workshops. Thus, if you are a fan of movies and love movie screenings, then this is the place to be.

Where: Odessa
When: July

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10. Lviv Coffee Festival

10 Amazing Festivals That You Can Be a Part Of On Your Ukrainian Trip! (10)

Most people know that Lviv is the city with perfect coffee. So, if you are a coffee lover, you must visit the Lviv Coffee Festival to gather at one of the biggest coffee gatherings in the world. You will enjoy delicious coffee and other desserts in addition learning about the different methods of coffee preparation.

Where: Lviv
When: September

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So, if you like exploring festivals, you must not miss a chance to visit the amazing festivals of Ukraine. To do that, you can plan a customized tour to Ukraine based on your time of travel. Rest assured, you can have lots of guaranteed fun, laughter and enjoyment. At the end of the day, the spirit of festivals is to spread lots of joy and spread it will when you visit this amazing country.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Festivals In Ukraine

How many major holidays are there in Ukraine?

There are approximately 15 main holidays in Ukraine including New Year’s Day, Orthodx Christmas, Victory Day, Day of the Defender and Christmas.

What food is Ukraine famous for?

You can taste a variety of dishes while on a trip to Ukraine including Paska, Borscht, Varenyky, Holubtsi, Holodets, and so much more.

What is the main religion in Ukraine?

Ukraine’s main religion is Orthodox Christianity observed by 75 percent of the population. Other than that, there is approximately 23 percent Catholicism. Some other religions that people follow include Islam, Judaism, Adventism and Buddhism.

How do people in Ukraine greet each other?

A usual greeting would include a warm yet firm handshake, maintaining direct eye contact. In the case of female friends meeting, they kiss on the cheek three times, starting with the left and then alternating, while male friends may pat each other on the back and hug.

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What is the most popular festival in Ukraine? ›

There are also many other festivals (working days) in Ukraine, which are not days-off, such as the Day of Collegiality, Mother's Day, Kupala Night and many others. The most popular festival is New Year's Day. It is celebrated on the 1st of January.

What are 3 major celebrations in Europe? ›

18 of Europe's most popular festivals & cultural events 2023
  • Carnival of Venice: The floating city's masked fete. ...
  • Vinterjazz: A 3-week-long musical feast. ...
  • St Patrick's Day: The feast of Saint Patrick. ...
  • Keukenhof: A colourful Tulip & Flower Festival. ...
  • King's Day: An all-day citywide street festival.

What is the biggest music festival in Ukraine? ›

Asgardsrei festival
Location(s)Moscow, Russia (2012–2013) Kyiv, Ukraine (2014–present)
Years active2012–present
Founded byAlexey Levkin
Organized byMilitant Zone
1 more row

What are two special traditions that people celebrate in Ukraine? ›

Saint Valentine's Day, Maslenitsa, the holiday of winter seeing off, International Women's Day, Easter with beautifully colored eggs, Victory Day, Holy Trinity, Constitution Day and many other holidays are celebrated every year.

What is the No 1 festival in the world? ›

CARNIVAL (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Arguably the biggest festival in the world (not to mention its wildest party), Brazil's Carnival is widely considered “the greatest show on Earth.” The event attracts nearly 5 million people each year, with a half-million or so being visitors traveling to see the spectacle.

What are top 3 holidays? ›

Thanksgiving, Veterans day, and Mother's day are the most popular holidays in the United States. According to a survey conducted in the third quarter of 2022, Thanksgiving had a popularity rating of 80 percent, followed by Veterans day and Mother's day with 76 percent.

What holiday is today? ›

There are no holidays in United States today.

What is the longest festival in the world? ›

The 75-days long Bastar Dussehra is not ordinary. The World's longest festival is a fascinating Tribal festival to discover urgently.

What is special in Ukraine? ›

Ukraine is a country known for its beautiful and diverse landscape, well-preserved culture and tradition, beautiful women and a terrible nuclear disaster. Actually, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, not including Russia.

What is special today in Ukraine? ›

There are no holidays in Ukraine today.

What are some special traditions? ›

20 family tradition examples
  • Swim on the first day of spring. ...
  • Make homemade gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah (or birthdays) ...
  • Go hiking in the same place or at the same time. ...
  • Have a movie night. ...
  • Visit the same restaurant. ...
  • Do a family digital detox. ...
  • Take up a new activity as a family. ...
  • Start a gratitude jar.
Dec 17, 2021

What do Ukrainian people do for fun? ›

Ukrainians generally do a considerable amount of walking, either to get around or simply for enjoyment. Parks are plentiful and popular for strolling or picnicking, a common pastime among city dwellers, most of whom live in apartments.

What holiday do Ukrainians celebrate twice a year? ›

While Christmas is widely celebrated across the world on Dec. 25, Orthodox worshippers traditionally mark the festival on Jan. 7 instead. In Ukraine, both days are national holidays, giving Ukrainians the opportunity to enjoy two Christmases within a span of two weeks.

What are some cultural traditions in Ukraine? ›

The country's strong tradition of folk art and embroidery continues to this day, with Ukrainian embroidery often considered an art form in itself. Ukrainian customs are heavily influenced by the Ukrainian Greek Catholicism, Ruthenian Greek Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Church and traditions from Slavic mythology.

What are 10 festivals called? ›

Indian Festivals Calendar 2023
MonthFestivalDate (2023)
AugustOnamBegins on 20th August
SeptemberGanesh Chaturthi19th September
OctoberNavratriFrom 15th to 24th October
OctoberDurga Puja24th October
20 more rows
Oct 22, 2021

What is the best festival of all time? ›

The most legendary music festivals of all time
  • Monterey Pop Festival 1967. Jimi Hendrix with Brian Jones, the original frontman of The Rolling Stones, at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. ...
  • Toronto Rock and Roll Festival 1969. ...
  • Glastonbury 1970. ...
  • Woodstock 1969. ...
  • Reading 1992. ...
  • Glastonbury 1998. ...
  • Fyre Festival 2017. ...
  • Donauinselfest 2015.
Jul 6, 2021

What are the three kinds of festival? ›

Types of festivals
  • Religious festivals.
  • Arts festivals.
  • Seasonal and harvest festivals.

How many main festivals are there? ›

There is no exact list of Indian festivals as over 50 festivals are celebrated in the country by the people of different cultures and religion. The Indian festivals form an integral part of the rich heritage of the country.

What are the 5 most popular festivals celebrated across North America? ›

Popular festivals & events in America
  • Pride New York.
  • Burning Man.
  • New Orleans Mardi Gras.
  • Coachella.
  • EDC Music Festival.
  • Miami F1 Grand Prix.
  • Bonnaroo Music Festival.
  • BottleRock Music Festival.

What is the most popular celebration? ›

Top 15 Most Celebrated Holidays Around the World
  • Valentine's Day. When: February 14. ...
  • Easter. When: March/April/May. ...
  • Christmas. When: December 25. ...
  • Thanksgiving. When: 4th Thursday in November (U.S.) ...
  • St. Patrick's Day. ...
  • Halloween. When: October 31. ...
  • New Year. When: January 1. ...
  • Chinese New Year.
Feb 28, 2020

What are the top 10 weirdest holidays? ›

The 20 strangest holidays in the world
  • World Mosquito Day.
  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • Global Handwashing Day.
  • Count Your Buttons Day.
  • National Forget-Me-Not Day.
  • National Eat a Red Apple Day.
  • Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day.
  • A'phabet Day or No "L" Day.
Jan 3, 2021

What are the 13 main holidays? ›

Federal holidays in the United States
Observed byU.S. government
ObservancesNew Year's Day Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Washington's Birthday Memorial Day Juneteenth National Independence Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day
1 more row

What is the top 20 most celebrated holidays? ›

With Christmas around the corner, let's break down some of the most celebrated occasions in America.
  • Memorial Day. ...
  • Father's Day. ...
  • Independence Day. ...
  • Halloween. ...
  • Thanksgiving. ...
  • Christmas Day. ...
  • Labor Day. ...
  • Veterans Day. Veterans Day celebrated on November 11, was established in 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson.
Jan 2, 2021

What is the least liked holiday? ›

According to a survey by YouGov V-Day is the least popular holiday, however 10% of people do like it more than Christmas!
Valentine's Day Least Favorite Holiday
  • Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Mother's Day.
  • Fourth of July.
  • New Year's.
  • Halloween.
  • Father's Day.
  • Memorial Day.
Feb 10, 2022

What are 8 major holidays? ›

Typical paid holidays include New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas Day.

What is the number 1 holiday in America? ›

Americans' favorite holiday: Christmas

Christmas is the favorite national holiday in the United States, placed before Thanksgiving. It is celebrated on the 25th of December, as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Approximately 85 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas.

What Day is national boyfriend? ›

When is National Boyfriend Day 2023? National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3 every year . Many also choose to celebrate National Girlfriend Day which is on August 1 annually.

What holiday is today girlfriend? ›

Today is National Girlfriend Day, an annual event that rolls around every August 1.
National Girlfriend Day dates.
2027August 1Sunday
4 more rows

What holiday is on October 10? ›

Today is World Mental Health Day and National Hug a Drummer Day.

What is the most important festival in Russia? ›

1. New Year Celebrations – 31st December – 1st January. New Years is the most important holiday on the Russian festivals calendar.

What is Ukraine popularly known for? ›

Ukraine is a country known for its beautiful and diverse landscape, well-preserved culture and tradition, beautiful women and a terrible nuclear disaster. Actually, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, not including Russia.

What is raki festival? ›

World Rakı Festival (Turkish: Dünya Rakı Festivali), is an overnight street festival in Adana that emerged from a hundred year long entertainment in the Kazancılar Bazaar where kebab, liver and rakı are accompanied with the street music and dances. World Rakı Festival.

What is the biggest capacity festival in the world? ›

Therefore, Donauinselfest holds the Guinness World Record title of “largest attendance at a music festival (one location).” This is an outdoor music festival. The entrance to Donauinselfest is free. Every year, patrons from all over the world flock to Vienna to attend the music festival.

What are 3 things Russia is known for? ›

Fun and Interesting Facts About Russia
  • The World's Longest Railway Is in Russia.
  • Russia Is Home to A Lot Of Famous Literature.
  • Russia Has 12 Active Volcanos.
  • Siberia Makes Up a Majority of the Land.
  • Russians Have Plenty of Superstitions.
  • Russia Has One of the World's Busiest Metros.
  • Tetris Was Invented in Russia.
Dec 27, 2022

What are 3 major holidays in Russia? ›

June 12, Independence Day – The adoption of The Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation in 1991 is celebrated today. August 22, Day of the Russian Federation State Flag – This is a day to honor the Russian flag. November 4, Day of the National Unity is the newest Russian holiday.

What are the 8 public holidays celebrated in Russia? ›

Major national holidays
  • New Year Holiday.
  • Orthodox Christmas day.
  • Defender of the Fatherland Day.
  • International Women's Day.
  • Spring and Labour Day.
  • Victory Day.
  • Russia Day.
  • Unity Day.

What Ukraine is rich for? ›

Ukraine harbors some of the world's largest reserves of titanium and iron ore, fields of untapped lithium and massive deposits of coal. Collectively, they are worth tens of trillions of dollars.

What is traditional Ukrainian food? ›

The national dish of Ukraine is borscht, the well-known beet soup, of which many varieties exist. However, varenyky (boiled dumplings similar to pierogi) and a type of cabbage roll known as holubtsi are also national favourites and are a common meal in traditional Ukrainian restaurants.

Can we tie rakhi to boyfriend? ›

Well, as per experts “Yes, a wife/girlfriend can tie rakhi to her husband/boyfriend.” In fact, not just between husband and wife, the rakhi can also be tied between a daughter and her father, as well as between a spouse. This is because Rakhi is a thread that symbolises the promise of protection.

Does raki get you drunk? ›

It is important that you should not mix or chase Raki with other alcoholic spirits like beer to avoid getting drunk faster. It is very traditional to chase Rakı with mineral water, turnip juice, or Turkish tea. It is a good idea that you don't gulp down your Rakı but instead get drunk slowly to savor each sip.

Is rakhi on 11 or 12? ›

But in Hinduism, it is believed that no auspicious work is done after sunset. Therefore, many sisters won't prefer to tie rakhi on the night of August 11. Instead, many will celebrate on 12. But remember, you need to tie rakhi on your brothers' wrist before 7.05 am on the morning of the 12th.

What is the most fun festival in the world? ›

10 Popular Festivals in the World that are a Hearty Feast for all Travel Beasts
  • Kumbh Mela | India. ...
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | New Mexico. ...
  • Running of the Bulls | Spain. ...
  • Oktoberfest | Germany. ...
  • Toro Nagashi | Japan. ...
  • Yuan Xiao Festival | China. ...
  • Burning Man | USA. ...
  • The Carnival of Venice | Italy.

What is the smallest festival in the world? ›

Hunter's The World's Smallest Festival, a touring portaloo that was based at the boot retailer's flagship Regent Street store in London in 2016, and Klarafestival 2019, a “concert in a box” large enough for only three people, a piano and a performing musician that toured venues in Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp in ...


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