Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (2023)


Great beer is best enjoyed around great company which is why we decided to list our Top Breweries in Dallas Fort Worth. Sit back, relax, and pour a good one while you share the good brews.

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Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (1)

There’s something for every beer lover in this list of 17 breweries in DFW. Brewery tours, beer tastings and flights, special events, and more await you and these Top Breweries in Dallas Fort Worth:

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (2)

Our Favorite 19 Top Breweries in Dallas Fort Worth

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one with friendsat these top breweries in Dallas Fort Worth.

1. Union Bear Brewery – Plano

Lively, independent brewpub featuring a selection of beer brewed on-site, plus chef-driven pub fare.

Kick back and experience the indoor / outdoor space at The Boardwalk inPlano, TX for yourself, you’re welcome here. OUR Beers. It’s brewed here. It’s drank here.

Address: 5880 TX-121 #101, Plano, TX 75024, (214) 297-2337,

2. Armadillo Ale Works – Denton

If they can brew it, they will do it.

Every drop of Armadillo Ale Works beer is brewed on-site, housed in an old railway grain warehouse constructed in the early 1900’s.

Their taproom and coffee shop offers an enormous spectrum of our creations in a relaxed environment with an indoor beer garden vibe.

In addition to their normal taproom shenanigans, they also host a plethora of special beer releases, rare tappings, live music, and all around fun brewery events.

Armadillo Ale Works also plays host various community events and even offer rentals for private parties.

From coffee to beer to sodas, if they can brew it, they will do it. So come on in for some liquid refreshment straight from the source!

Address: 221 South Bell Ave, Denton, TX 76201;

3. Deep Ellum Brewing Co – Dallas

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (3)

Sold their first keg on 11/11/11.

Proud to be the first craft brewery in Dallas, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. has become as well known for their innovative brewing and exceptional quality as they have for their healthy disdain for the status quo.

Just like their notorious neighborhood, they are BOLD, FEARLESS, and UNAPOLOGETIC. They haven’t blended in since they opened their doors in 2011.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. wants your help in annihilating bland corporate beer (clears throat), and sharing a little bit of the BIGGER, BOLDER BEER from Deep Ellum, Texas.

16 Beers In Their Dallas Brewery Tap Room!

“Damn tasty craft beers brewed right here in Deep Ellum. We carry sixteen beers in our taproom.” Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

Address: 2823 ST. LOUIS STREETDALLAS, TX 75226;

4. Tupps Brewery McKinney

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (4)

“We are proud to be in Texas, in the great city of McKinney and adjoined the historic Cotton Mill. When you visit, keep in mind that we want you to embrace the brewery, so put your feet on the tables, write your name on the wall and have a good ole time!” – Tupps Brewery

Beer is the perfect blend of Art and Science.

Tupps Brewery starts with the Art of beer – for this they use a big dose of creativity, validated with their eyes to judge the look, their noses to refine the smell, and then with their mouths to validate the taste.

Tradition is embraced here, but they’ll also break the rules from time to time in order to create exciting new brews.

At Tupps, they believe beer is greatly enhanced when consumed in the company of close friends or random people who will soon be good friends.

This can be accomplished in the bars and pubs where you will find TUPPS beer, but you can also have this experience visiting their brewery.

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Tupps has created an environment at this McKinney brewery that embraces the feel and the era of the historic Cotton Mill. When you visit Tupps, you will be immersed in the old Texas feel of the Cotton Mill and experience the past when things were slow and life was not as complicated.

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Address: 721 Anderson St, McKinney, TX 75069;

5. On Tap – Arlington

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (5)

209 Unique Beers Offered!

On Tap is Arlington’s premiere craft beer location. They have 50 rotating taps serving up Craft Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead, Cold Brew Coffee, Kombucha and Root Beer.

They never tap the same beer consecutively; so every time you come in, you’re bound to find new offerings. They also clean all their taps every 2 weeks as On Tap strives to have the most unique and tasty offerings year round.

Enjoy a flight of four 5oz fills or a pint for on-site consumption.On Tap also offer growlers and crowlers (can growlers) to go.

On top of that, they have an eclectic selection of unique and hard-to-find packaged beers for off-site consumption.

Address: 200 N Mesquite St #105, Arlington, TX 76011;

6. Breaking Brew Meadery – Farmers Branch

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (6)

First Mead Taproom in North Texas

But first…what exactly is mead? Mead, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, is fermented from honey which creates a gluten-free drink with a smooth, clean taste.

Breaking Brew Meadery serve on tap a rotating menuof chilled & lightly carbonated session meads(6-8% ABV) in a wide range of flavors.


10 years ago, a family of home brewers wanted to do something different. After spending many of their nights and weekends crafting different beers and ciders, they discovered honey wine, or mead.

Combining their brewing techniques with mead was the perfect match, and after more time spent experimenting with the wide range of flavor combinations, they are now ready to share their creations.

The Gordon family welcomes you to Breaking Brew Meadery, the first mead tap room located in Dallas, Texas, for a new kind of brewery experience.

Try any of their mead (hrrmmm honey wine) currently on tap, and with several more flavors coming soon, each trip to the Meadery is sure to be different than the last.

Address: 14438 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75244;

7. Denton County Brewing Co. – Denton

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (7)

An Adult Playground!

Located in Downtown Denton, Denton County Brewing Co. is a brewery, pizza place, beer bar, and beer garden all in one.

DCBC is a locally owned, independent craft brewery. They serve beer born and brewed in Denton, Texas, alongside guest taps, wines, ciders, sake, and plenty of positive vibes.

Take your average craft beer bar and crank up the fun. Think of an adult playground; complete with board games, trivia nights, delicious appetizers, and the coolest bar staff in the game.

Address: 200 E McKinney St, Denton, TX 76201;

8. 3 Nations Brewery – Carrollton

If you’ve spent any amount of time on I-35 you can’t help but see 3 Nations Brewery located in Historic Downtown Carrollton (right next to the silos).


Three Nations Brewing makes great beer by combining ancient European brewing traditions with American innovation.

A little bit of travelling helped them learn a little bit about how to make world class Belgian, English and German style beers.

Everyone starts a business doing what they do best, and this DFW brewery is no different.

Address: 1033 E Vandergriff Dr, Carrollton, TX 75006;

9. Bitter Sisters Brewery – Addison

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The family that brews together. . .

When Brewmaster Matt Ehinger married Courtney McHugh in 2001, he instantly became part of a large, tight-knit, fun loving family.

But as in all families, especially ones with a lot of sisters, it can sometimes be hard to keep the peace.

Matt quickly learned that the best way to make family gatherings run smoothly was to supply everyone with his home-brewed beer. The sisters, and the brothers, learned to be less ‘bitter’ with every sip of beer.

As the years went on, the family continued to grow, the beer continued to flow, and an idea was hatched for a family owned brewery utilizing everyone’s different talents and skills.

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Bitter Sisters Brewing Company was conceived during family birthday parties, holidays, and summer vacations together.


The only production brewery in Addison, Texas, Bitter Sisters is an independent, family owned craft brewery with a passion for making great beer.

The family that brews together, has the most fun…Come by Bitter Sisters Brewery and experience a one of a kind Tour and Tasting.

Address: 15103 Surveyor Blvd, Addison, TX 75001;

10. Four Bullets Brewery – Richardson

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (8)


Four Bullets Brewery started off as a home brew kit one Christmas. After realizing he needed help, Jeff called on his friend, Andrew, for help. Andrew had been homebrewing since the mid-1980s and brewed to satisfy his own taste which was mostly English style ales from his homeland.

That first beer together was a very simple can extract kit and although the beer was good, Jeff and Andrew knew they could do better.

Together, they quickly moved on to full grain brewing and became more ambitious with the beers they created. Over time, they decided to go bigger and designed their own brewing system which was a scaled down commercial system.

The beer was greatly improved using the new system, and, after a few years of brewing and developing recipes, Jeff and Andrew decided they should take their brewing skills to the next level – test the public and possibly go commercial.

The name of the brewery came one night while Jeff was playing poker and drinking one of their beers.

Jeff has been a poker fan for many years and mostly Texas Hold em’ where the Ace is referred to as a bullet and he thought hey, what’s better than Four Aces….?

So “Four Bullets” became the name for the brewery. All of Four Bullet Brewery beer names also come from a poker/casino theme.

Address: 640 N Interurban St, Richardson, Texas;

11. Manhattan Project Beer Company – Dallas

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (9)

You’ll never forget your first sip.

As with most craft beer businesses, Manhattan Project Beer Company began as a passionate hobby.

Although their love for craft beer precedes the formation of Manhattan Project, the group first came together in 2010 with a goal to design a ground up beer to meet certain specifications for a very important event, Karl and Misty Sanford’s wedding.

During the 8-month design period, the group realized the unique synergy achieved by the combination of each person’s particular skill.

Their common goal was to create a beer that would be appreciated by the designers, other craft beer drinkers, and those not yet exposed to beers beyond traditional American Lagers.

The project was a success.The beer started as an American Brown Ale and evolved into a Belgian Dark. Inception, as it is called, has a well-balanced Old World flavor that has gone on to win multiple awards.

Address: 2215 Sulphur St, Dallas, TX 75208;

12. Peticolas Brewing Company – Dallas

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (10)

Peticolas Brewing Company, located in Dallas, is an honest, friendly, down-to-earth brewery delivering world class passion in a glass.


Michael Peticolas began his career as a lawyer, spending more than a decade in the field.

One of the most recognizable figures within the craft beer movement, Michael is advocating for expanding craft brewery rights across the great state of Texas.

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From passing the bar to serving at one, this Dallas brewer knows beer is worth the fight.

With a free heart and the courage to follow it, he fought the city to permit the first breweries in modern-day Dallas. Now he’s taking the fight to the Supreme Court.

For the first year, Michael was on his own, brewing 800 barrels of beer a year all by himself.

Michael is now co-chair of a legislative committee, which has been integral to changing Texas laws that have long hindered craft brewers.

Address: 1301 Pace St, Dallas, TX 75207;

13. Celestial Beer Works – Dallas Breweries

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (11)

Celestial Beerworks believes that beer should be consumed in its freshest state. They have a heavy focus on the hop-forward, approachable, complex styles.

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While they enjoy brewing all styles of beer, they do have a borderline unhealthy obsession with hops.

Celestial Beerworks vows to never serve a beer that does not adhere to the highest standards.

You will never taste a beer that does not manifest the brewer’s exact intention. Essentially, they live by the mantra “haze for days.”

Cheers, and drink galactically.

Address: 2530 Butler St, Dallas, TX 75235;

14. Pegasus City Brewery – Dallas Breweries


Pegasus City Brewery has been working on its craft since 2011, making a variety of brews that rewards their customers with perfectly balanced flavor, body, and finish.

To them the art of craft beer is not a flash in a pan, but in the ability to create full-flavored brews that you’ll reach for time and time again.

Pegasus City brews the essentials – beers that are balanced, by design, with the curated flavors of the classics, and a modern aesthetic. Beers that are, and always will be, Drinkable AF.

Address: 2222 Vantage St, Dallas, TX 75207;

15. Braindead Brewing – Deep Ellum

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (12)

Braindead is like the hip hop duo Black Star… but instead of making awesome rap, they make great tap…and food.

Address: 2625 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226;

16. Community Beer Company – Dallas

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (13)

For centuries, beer has brought people together, transcending identity or class.

At Community, they believe that craft beer can be a integral part of influencing local culture and creating memorable experiences.

Community Beer Company is where people can gather to enjoy goo company and great beer together.


Located in Central Dallas, on the edge of the Dallas Design District, Community has become a strong part of the North Texas community and a hub for a diverse lineup of events that support local artists, musicians, and charities.

Address: 1530 Inspiration Dr #200, Dallas, TX 75207;

17. Outfit Brewing – Dallas

Here's The Top 19 Breweries In Dallas Fort Worth You Need To Visit This Year - Metroplex Social (14)


Outfit Brewing is a craft brewery and brew pub located in Dallas, Texas and owned by brothers Jordan Young and Mike Frazer.

Outfit Brewing opened its doors to the public in August of 2018. How did they get their name?

Jordan’s grandfather used to refer to people’s character as, “that there is a good outfit,” hence the inspiration for the name of the brewery: Outfit Brewing.

Check them out and join ’em for a beer or two.

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Address: 7135 John W. Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247;

18. Small BrewPub – Oak Cliff

Small BrewPub is a neighborhood brewpub located in Oak Cliff, Texas.

Their approach is a little more old fashioned than most. . .it’s very manual and hands-on and their taps are always changing so you’re sure to always have plenty of options to intrigue and expand your palate.

They are not afraid to use wild yeast and bacteria when it is suitable and their barrel program is always fun and exciting.

Address: 333 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208;

19. Steam Theory Brewing Company – Trinity Groves, Dallas

Spacious brewpub with a steam punk vibe offering house beers & elevated American comfort food.

Experience their in house artisanal beers, full service bar with signature cocktails, wine, and true scratch kitchen.

Their award-winning brewmaster creates beers that rotate seasonally and compliment our American Brewpub Fare including Neapolitan pizza.

The decor inside is vintage industrial with a Steam Punk twist.

They even have a pooch friendly patio that has a lovely view of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge in the re-invigorated Trinity Groves/West Dallas area.

Address: 340 Singleton Blvd #100, Dallas, TX 75212;

Top 19 Breweries in Dallas Fort Worth

There’s over 19 Top Breweries in Dallas Fort Worth with a style of beer to please everyone. Bring your friends, your love of beer, and enjoy a cold one (or two) this weekend in DFW.

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How many breweries are in Dallas? ›

Today, Dallas is home to well over 60 breweries that specialize in everything from decadent dessert stouts to coveted hazy IPAs.

Which state has the most breweries 2021? ›

Number of craft breweries in the U.S. in 2021, by state

California had the most craft breweries of any state in the United States in 2021, by far. The state had 931 craft breweries in total, compared to 2nd and 3rd place New York and Pennsylvania who had 485 and 486 craft breweries respectively.

What is the most popular beer in Texas? ›

The Most Popular Texas Beers
  • Lone Star Original. Some states claim to have a state beer, but Texas made it official by naming Lone Star the national beer of Texas. ...
  • Velvet Hammer. ...
  • Saint Arnold Pub Crawl. ...
  • Han's Pils. ...
  • Concha La Flor. ...
  • Peacemaker. ...
  • Atrial Rubicite. ...
  • Blonde Bombshell.

What beer is brewed in Fort Worth? ›

HopFusion Ale Works

Located in Fort Worth's Near Southside, this brewery was founded by Macy Moore and Matt Hill in 2016. Known for their innovative brews, the spot features six core beers including Feisty Blonde, Tejano Lager, Fur Slipper milk stout, and more creative concoctions.

Who makes Mississippi Mud beer? ›

This product is manufactured for and distributed by Hornell Brewing Company, Inc. About Hornell Brewing Co., Inc. Hornell Brewing Company, established in 1934, has been selling beer for nearly eight decades.

How many breweries are in North Texas? ›

Summing it all up, the number of brewing operations in North Texas presently stands at 95.

What state is number one for craft beer? ›

States with the Most (and Least) Breweries
RankStateNumber Of Breweries
46 more rows
5 Sept 2022

What state drinks the most beer? ›

1. North Dakota. And finally, we arrive at North Dakota — most likely with a beer in our hand. North Dakota's residents were the beer-drinking champs in 2021, consuming 45.8 gallons per capita.

What states drink the most craft beer? ›

Listed below is the top ten states.
  • Vermont — 151 pints per person.
  • Delaware — 101 pints per person.
  • Alaska — 96 pints per person.
  • Pennsylvania — 96 pints per person.
  • Colorado — 91 pints per person.
  • Oregon — 86 pints per person.
  • Maine — 77 pints per person.
  • Montana — 60 pints per person.
7 Jan 2019

What is number 1 selling beer in the world? ›

Budweiser was the most valued beer brand worldwide in 2021, with a worth of 16.17 billion U.S. dollars. The brand was followed by Heineken in second and Stella Artois, ranked third. Brand value is a bit of nebulous concept and different definitions exist.

What is the number 1 beer in America? ›

Bud Light from the Anheuser-Busch InBev Brewery is america's best selling beer brand with it's natural light flavour by restaurants in 2020. Bud Light accounted for 17.8% of the total unit sales, but only 9.4% of the volume sales.

Is Yuengling brewed in Fort Worth? ›

And though Yuengling is an East Coast beer, it's brewed right here in Fort Worth at the Molson Coors brewery on the southside.

Is Yuengling made in Texas? ›

Yuengling is here in Texas. Yuengling's arrival in Texas was celebrated Monday at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The famous beer will not be brewed at the oldest brewery in America. It's being made in Fort Worth.

Who is making Yuengling in Texas? ›

Today's milestone rollout officially makes Texas the first state in The Yuengling Company joint venture of D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. and the Molson Coors Beverage Company to increase Yuengling's reach outside beyond its current 22-state East Coast footprint.

Where is Mississippi mud sold? ›

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan Bottles - 32 Fl. Oz. - Albertsons.

Is Mississippi mud a stout beer? ›

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan has a nice dry stout character that is very sessionable with a bit of depth.

What is the best brand of beer? ›

Top 100 Best Beer Brands in the World
1. Bud LightUnited States
Bud Light Price: $26.99 Rating: 4.9 Brand: Bud Light Country: United States
Learn More
2. Coors Light Lager BeerUnited States
79 more rows

What's the oldest brewery in Texas? ›

Saint Arnold Brewing Company, located in Houston, is Texas' Oldest Craft Brewery.

What is the oldest brewery in the United States? ›

Recognition of America's Oldest Brewery. As America celebrated it's bi-centennial, D.G. Yuengling and Son was place on the national and state registers as America's Oldest Brewery. This is a title that we are proud of and can be seen on every bottle of Yuengling beer.

What US city has the most breweries? ›

Asheville, North Carolina

It's the city with the most breweries per capita in America with an average of 28.1 breweries per 100,000 residents.

What state has the best microbreweries? ›


The state's 486 craft breweries are second only to California. About those craft barrels: They're good for second overall, and fourth per capita. The state is home to Yuengling, the oldest operating brewery in the country, and the largest craft brewery.

Which state has the best craft brews? ›

10 best craft brew states in America
  1. California, 268 craft breweries. ...
  2. Washington, 136 craft breweries. ...
  3. Colorado, 130 craft breweries. ...
  4. Oregon, 124 craft breweries. ...
  5. Michigan, 102 craft breweries. ...
  6. Pennsylvania, 93 craft breweries. ...
  7. Wisconsin, 75 craft breweries. ...
  8. New York, 72 craft breweries.
21 Apr 2013

What state has the most drinking problems? ›

Drunkest States Ranking

According to our analysis, the District of Columbia is the heaviest-drinking state, followed closely by Vermont and South Dakota. The biggest teetotaler states are Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi, who each have overall scores that are a fraction of the scores among the highest-ranking states.

Who drinks the most beer? ›

Top 10 Countries that Consume the Most Beer (total gallons consumed 2020):
  • China — 9,533,441.
  • United States — 6,367,867.
  • Brazil — 3,657,990.
  • Russia — 2,284,032.
  • Mexico — 2,189,194.
  • Germany — 2,046,277.
  • Japan — 1,166,584.
  • United Kingdom — 1,079,935.

What is the official beer of Texas? ›

Lone Star Brewery, built in 1884, was the first large mechanized brewery in Texas. Adolphus Busch, of Anheuser-Busch, founded it along with a group of San Antonio businessmen. Lone Star is The National Beer of Texas.

What state drinks the most Budweiser? ›

New Hampshire took the top spot in 2020, outdrinking other states with 41.5 gallons of beer consumed annually per capita.
American Beer Consumption By State.
Beer Consumption By State (2020)Annual Gallons Per CapitaPreferred Beer
Arizona27.0Dos Equis
7 more rows
29 Apr 2022

Where is the most beer consumed in the US? ›

“New Hampshire took the top spot in 2020, outdrinking other states with 41.5 gallons of beer consumed annually per capita,” Visual Capitalist reports.

What's the most popular beer in California? ›

Top 5 Most Popular Beers In California
  • Budweiser.
  • Bud Light.
  • Heineken.
  • Guinness.
  • Sierra Nevada.
6 Apr 2022

Which beer is good for health? ›

The highest phenol concentrations are available in brews like Yuengling Light Lager, Abita Purple Haze and Left Hand Good Juju. Yuengling provides full flavor while staying light on calories. A typical glass of Yuengling Light Lager contains approximately 99 calories, and still contains those healthy phenol benefits.

Which country drinks the most alcohol? ›

Top 10 countries with the highest alcohol consumption
  • Which country consumes the most alcohol per capita in the world? ...
  • 1) Seychelles – 20.50 litres.
  • 2) Uganda – 15.09 litres.
  • 3) Czechia – 14.45 litres.
  • 4) Lithuania – 13.22 litres.
  • 5) Luxembourg – 12.94 litres.
  • 6) Germany – 12.91 litres.
  • 7) Ireland – 12.88 litres.
28 Jun 2022

What is the best tasting beer in the world? ›

the ratebeer top 50
1Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch4.54
2Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter4.48
3Westvleteren 12 XII4.42
4Toppling Goliath Mornin' Delight4.40
46 more rows

What beer is best for your liver? ›

Long drinks lists can be overwhelming, but if your liver got to choose, it would probably go with something brimming with hops. Yep, just like the majority of craft beer drinkers, it would probably grab an IPA.

What beer do Southerners drink? ›

Southerners are more likely to grab a Corona or a Dos Equis, and Miller Lite lovers live in the Midwest and Great Plains.

What's the strongest beer in the USA? ›

But congrats to that new 67.5% Snake Venom, anyway
  • Boston Beer Company: Samual Adams Utopias. ...
  • Avery Brewing Company: Rumpkin. ...
  • The Bruery: Chocolate Rain. ...
  • Dogfish Head: 120 Minutes IPA. ...
  • Goose Island: Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout. ...
  • More Weekend Drinking Assignment on Food Republic:
8 Nov 2013

Which country consumes the most beer? ›

The country that drinks the most beer per capita is the Czech Republic. It has topped the list for almost 30 years straight, since 1993. The Czechs drink on average 181.7L of beer per year per person.

Why was Yuengling beer not sold in Texas? ›

But Yuengling was too small of a company to take on a large state like Texas on its own, said Jen Yuengling, a sixth generation family member. Yuengling partnered with Molson Coors in a joint venture, making the Pennsylvania brewery's leap into Texas possible.

Who owns Yuengling beer? ›

Richard Yuengling Jr.

How do you pronounce Yuengling beer? ›

The correct Yuengling pronunciation is “YING-LING,” which rhymes with “jingling” or “mingling,” not “bungling.” Yuengling is considered the oldest brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, since 1829.

What is the oldest beer still sold? ›

America's oldest brewery, Yuengling, was founded by David G. Yuengling in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, in 1829 — two decades before the next oldest widely-available beer that is still sold today.
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The Trade DeskThe Trade DeskView Policy
28 more rows
15 Apr 2021

What is so special about Yuengling? ›

Famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor, with roasted caramel malt for a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops, this true original delivers a well-balanced taste with very distinct character.

Is Yuengling a Chinese beer? ›

America's oldest brewery

Yuengling (pronounced Ying-ling) means "young man" in German. The tricky name — some beer drinkers mistakenly think it is Chinese — would later present marketing problems for the company.

What does Yuengling mean in German? ›

Yuengling's original surname was Jüngling, meaning “youth,” or “young man” in German. Jüngling changed his name to Yuengling when he arrived in the U.S. The brewery was originally named Eagle Brewery. In 1873, the name was changed to D.G. Yuengling & Son when David's son, Frederick, joined the business.

How much does a case of Yuengling cost? ›

Customers who viewed this product also viewed
$12.99add to cart
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Does Coors own Yuengling? ›

Importantly, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. remains a family-owned business and the existing company will operate separately from the joint venture with Molson Coors. “We are excited to launch this brewing partnership with the team at Molson Coors.

Which state has the most breweries per capita 2021? ›

U.S. craft beer breweries per capita 2021, by state

Despite California being, the leading craft beer producer, Vermont is the state with the most breweries per capita. In 2021, there were nearly 15 breweries for every 100 thousand residents in Vermont.

What state has the most breweries 2022? ›

Here are the 10 states with the most breweries:
  • California - 907.
  • Colorado - 425.
  • New York - 423.
  • Washington - 423.
  • Pennsylvania - 401.
  • Michigan - 400.
  • Texas - 341.
  • North Carolina - 333.

What is the brewery capital of the US? ›

Asheville, North Carolina

It's the city with the most breweries per capita in America with an average of 28.1 breweries per 100,000 residents.

What city in the US has the most breweries? ›

Whether you're a Millennial, Baby Boomer or a Gen Xer, craft beer fans alike might want to visit Portland, Maine. The city is just shy of 70,000 people, but it is home to the most craft breweries in America with 18 breweries per 50,000 people.

What three states have the most craft breweries? ›

Which states have the most craft breweries for suds-lovers?
  • 1st place: California with 958 craft breweries. ...
  • 2nd place: New York with 460 craft breweries.
  • 3rd place: Pennsylvania with 444 craft breweries.
  • 4th place: Colorado with 433 craft breweries. ...
  • 5th place: Washington with 428 craft breweries.
10 Sept 2021

Are craft beer sales declining? ›

Craft beer's dollar sales decline was much greater than the overall beer segment, which was down -2.2% for the same period. Only hard seltzer which was down -8% and assorted ready-to-drink alcohol options down -20.1% have showed larger declines than the craft beer segment. So yeah, not great news for craft brewers…

What city makes the most beer? ›

1. Portland, Oregon. Portland boasts more breweries (52) than any city in the world.

What state has the best microbreweries? ›


The state's 486 craft breweries are second only to California. About those craft barrels: They're good for second overall, and fourth per capita. The state is home to Yuengling, the oldest operating brewery in the country, and the largest craft brewery.

What state has the best craft breweries? ›

1. Vermont scores number one because the state has super low excise taxes on beer, plus it has high numbers for overall craft breweries and craft barrels. 2. Colorado, thanks to its low excise taxes — one of the lowest in the country — and a whole lot of craft breweries.

What's the most popular beer in California? ›

Top 5 Most Popular Beers In California
  • Budweiser.
  • Bud Light.
  • Heineken.
  • Guinness.
  • Sierra Nevada.
6 Apr 2022

Where is the beer capital of the world? ›

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has nicknames such as Brew City, Beer City, Brew Town, and Beertown. All of these nicknames reflect Milwaukee's position as being a major center of beer production in the US.

What is the best beer city in America? ›

The top 10 winners in the category Best Beer City are as follows:
  • Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Denver, Colorado.
  • Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina.

Where is the craft beer capital of the world? ›

Portland, Oregon

In fact, Portland has more breweries than any other city – about 85 in the metro area, a number still on the rise – making it the craft beer capital of the world.

What state is known for its beer? ›

Few states have been as influential to the beer industry over the past few years as Vermont. As the nation's leading state in terms of breweries per capita (11.5) as well as gallons consumed per adult (18.9 gallons per year), The Green Mountain State has an eminently impressive beer scene.

Where is craft beer most popular? ›

Number one is California by a serious margin, with over 600 breweries. Colorado and Washington are the next closest with about 350 each.

Which city has the most breweries per square mile? ›

Topping the list, somewhat unsurprisingly for beer fans, was Portland, Maine, with a whopping 18 breweries per 50,000 people.


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