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We’re proud to bring you the lineup for the 3rd Annual Laurel Cove Music Festival, which will take place June 10th and 11th at Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, KY.

Come enjoy incredible live music from some of the most talented local, regional and national acts at the most beautiful outdoor venue in the Commonwealth. Headlining this year will be two Bell County favorites in Charles Wesley Godwin and Sierra Ferrell, with support from John R Miller, Kelsey Waldon, Nicholas Jamerson and the Morning Jays, Cole Chaney with Wolfpen Branch, and many more!

Come see why we’re one of the best reviewed festivals in Kentucky, all while enjoying the amazing things Bell County has to offer within minutes of the venue: miles and miles of hiking trails, scenic overlooks, an 18 hole golf course, fly fishing, kayaking and so much more.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and for the latest updates including set times, lodging info, and much more.

Thank you all for the amazing support these last few years. We appreciate it more than you know. See you soon!

- The Laurel Cove Crew

Hey everyone!

It's almost time for the 3rd annual Laurel Cove Music Festival! We’re beyond excited to welcome everyone down to the hills of Bell County, KY on June 10-11th. We decided to make a lengthy post with a bunch of information for the many questions we’ve been getting and to give everyone insight on how to prepare for the festival. For further questions, email

Ticket Descriptions are below:

GA Tickets

General Admission seats are the benches and/rocks that are located just behind the green seats up front. Seating is first come first serve.

(Video) Cole Chaney- Laurel Cove Music Festival 2022

Reserved Seats

Reserved seats are located in front of General Admission. Best seats are automatically selected. Seating assignments will be mailed to ticket holders the week prior to the email you used to purchase the tickets.

VIP Seats

VIP includes reserved seats in one of the front rows, access to a shaded VIP hangout, private area and restroom, and a special edition VIP poster.


KidsThe show is all ages, and while our festival is more adult oriented, if they can sit in your lap they will not need a ticket. Kids tickets for children 12 and under that require their own seat will be half price and on sale at the gate on the day of the show.

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Cash Most all vendors at the event will be cash only and there isn't an ATM on site, so please make sure you have visited one beforehand. The closest ones are at a gas station just 3 minutes south on Hwy 25E just outside Pineville.

Rain Weather can be unpredictable in June, so please watch the weather. Bring a rain jacket or poncho. In case of heavy, sustained rain only we will allow folks to set up pop up tents in a few places in the area, so feel free to bring one of those if you have bench seats only and if the weather is calling for prolonged rain.Event will only be cancelled for severe weather. No refunds due to weather can be issued.

Camping Pine Mountain had limited spots that are now filled. There are also a few other camping options nearby. The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is just 15 minutes from the Cove and has a ton of both primitive and electric sites ( For folks who don't mind backcountry camping, there is also Kentucky Ridge State Forest just minutes away ( and This area is just behind where the camping spots at Pine Mountain State Resort Park are and we will have a sign directing folks, also see the attached map. We also have a landowner near the park with some primitive sites available, if you need his contact information please email or text/call him at 606-246-1948

(Video) Arlo McKinley - the last 27:29 from Arlo's set, Laurel Cove Music Festival '21

Lodging is available nearby even though Pine Mountain State Park is sold out. We have the Sleep Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Econolodge all in Middlesboro just 10 minutes south. There are also several Air BNBs in the area including Pine Mountain Inn, Boone Trail Inn, Elk Creek Lodge, and more. You can visit for more info.

Vendors will be limited due to space but we do have a few coming, including Bent Strings Beard Company, Amalgam Unlimited (Jimbo Valentine), Col. Tony Moore, Stoned Beautiful Jewelry, and several more. Make sure to spend some $$$ with them, as well as the bands merch!

Parking is tight at venue so please carpool as much as possible. Those with VIP tickets will automatically get one and those will be marked. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VIP PASS, DO NOT PARK IN ANY SPOT LABLED VIP. You will notice on the map that in addition to the main parking area, there are two other parking areas above on the main road. One is within walking distance and has a trail leading down to the venue. However, you must enter through the main parking lot and entrance to receive your wristband first. Once your wristband is acquired, you will be able to use the trail between the Cove and the upper parking lot for access. Parking is also available on the sides of the road in the numerous wide spots.

Shuttleswill be running to Middlesboro Friday and Saturday to the following locations: Holiday Inn Express, Econolodge, and camping area at Pine Mountain State Park. The schedule is as follows:

Friday: 1: 30 PM, 5:30 PM (Return trips leaving from Cove parking lot at 5:15 and 11:00 PM)
Saturday: 11 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM (Return trips at : 1:15 PM, 5:15 PM, 11:00 PM).

(Video) Drayton Farley | "Stop the Clock" Live at Laurel Cove Music Festival

The shuttles will be taking folks back at promptly at 11:30 PM as well both nights. There is also Marsee Taxi who you can call at 606-269-8631 and Tri-County Cabs at 606-622-0472.

FoodNo outside food or drink is allowed in the venue (minus one unopened water bottle). The staff at Pine Mountain State Resort Park will have food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for sale.

Pets Unfortunately we also will not be allowing pets this year. If you have a service animal, it is of course different. But due to the crowd size this year and the noise, we can’t have them at this show.

Posters will be for sale at the merch table (located near venue entrance). If you are a VIP ticket holder, your VIP poster can be picked up at the merch tent. Just bring your ticket to show and we'll have the purple variant of the print for you. The regular print, foil prints, and whatever's leftover of of the preshow prints will be available for purchase. The 18x24” foil prints are limited to 75 prints, so getting to the show early is a must if you want one. All poster proceeds will be go towards ROHO, which is a charitable non-profit in our area who helps underprivileged kids with Christmas toys. Col. Tony Moore will also have a special print at his booth, so check that out too.

We have attached a map with the layout for this year (see top of page). The Creekside stage will be located in the small picnic area below the Lower Shelter (band area) entrance. We have scheduled those acts during set changes so you will miss as little music as possible. We will have signs up alerting those coming in that there will be pedestrians crossing the road so please slow down when coming to this area.

EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE. Only in severe weather will event be cancelled, and we can't give refunds due to severe weather.

For more information you can email or call 606-248-2482

(Video) Bella White at the Laurel Cove Music Festival


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