Letter to the editor: A divided America and the Forward Party (2022)

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Letter to the editor: A divided America and the Forward Party


The American people have lost faith that our government can make meaningful change. We’ve crammed a diverse, beautiful mosaic of national ideas and innovations into two political parties that force ideological purity and hyper partisanship. This extremism will ruin the future of our country.

Winning elections is not linked to finding solutions. 90% of incumbents in Congress win reelection because 88% of those seats are gerrymandered to be noncompetitive: either one party or the other wins... Every. Single. Time. If you’re a congressman, all you have to do is appeal to the 10% who vote in your partisan primary. Keep the extreme wing of your party satisfied, and you’re safe. Frustrate them? You’re gone.

The Forward Party is launching a brand-new movement of American citizens who believe it’s time allow the mosaic of American ideas to flourish. Through community nonpartisan communication, a culture full of solving problems for the good of ALL people, and election reforms like Ranked-Choice Voting and Open Primaries we can shift the power from the radical followers to the 90%.

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I encourage you to join the Montana community by visiting ForwardParty.com/Montana.

Elaine Fraticelli,



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